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The young 18 year old girl with the deep voice… running from client to client… in stilettos… with arms full of fabric, has come a long way. Standing tall at five feet four and a half inches, she may be small, but she is mighty! Willpower and a genuine concern for others helped grow her business into the successful enterprise it is today.

Rinat thrives in the fast paced world of fashion and business. For 30 years she has been using her experience and knowledge to educate her clients. She is constantly researching, learning and sharing her knowledge of the industry to teach and inspire others. Rinat continues to be an influential driving force in the fashion industry.

Rinat has been using her professional expertise and innovative ideas to provide her clients with knowledge.
Giving back in mentoring & educating the next  generation of fashion visionaries to develop their own footprint in this fast paced industry.
Calling all fashion, stylist, designers, upcoming influencers & entrepreneurs….
What’s your passion ? 
How do you see yourself changing the future of this industry?
Q & A email us your answers & any others questions that you may have that relates to our field.
Rinat will give you feedback, her step by step guide-line of the do’s & don’t’s.

Understanding  what, where and why is key to the “R” process. As an established and informed fashion stylist, Rinat is constantly asking questions and seeking answers. She wants to know “WHY?”.

Q: WHY spend money buying disposable, ill-fitting garments that become trash in landfill sites?

A: Rinat encourages people to invest in quality, staple, timeless pieces… be good to the globe.

Q: WHY hold on to clothing for purely sentimental reasons?

A: Rinat helps you understand this comes with a large emotional attachment and creates unnecessary clutter.

Q: WHY purchase items impulsively?

A: Rinat explains how this habit makes it difficult to create cohesive looks that will give you financial rewards.

Q: WHY when travelling internationally, do we often tend to over pack our suitcases filling them with “just in case” pieces we never end up wearing?

A: Rinat will help you plan for any type of climate, considering your travel itinerary while maximizing your travel options.

It’s R pleasure to answer any questions that you may have?
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