Rinat’s Philosophy

Fashion is forever evolving, don’t dress for trends, dress for YOU! Find a style, a look that respectfully defines who you are! Feel your confidence, your meaning and walk that “joie de vivre” avenue every day!

Most of us go through life understanding that ‘what we see is not necessarily what it is’. ‘Judging a book by it’s cover’, will always restrict your perception and judgement of others. 

The iconic fashion world plays a substantial role in technology, music, decor and food. Deep rooted influences in this pop culture world have fascinated one generation to the next. 

“As a veteran fashion stylist, I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing the transformations and the incredible satisfaction of enhancing the effects. In the ever changing retail environment, my unique personalized services, have allowed me to continue to thrive independently and help transform you with pride.”

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